So what really is Die-Hard Gamer, exactly?

Die-Hard Gamer is a currently produced period piece magazine.  That is, the magazine is created to appear like it was published beginning in the mid-1980s, but our team of writers currently produces the magazine today.

This isn’t something that we’re actively trying to hide, but neither is it something that we’re advertising either.  Part of the fun of working on the Die-Hard Gamer magazine is creating the surrounding story, characters, and themes around it.  We create a period piece magazine, we build on the story surrounding the magazine on the website we use to distribute the magazine, and we hope to entertain our readers all along the way.

Our authors are all real.  We have a large group of both new and veteran video game journalists that edit the magazine, a group of consultants and peers that help us keep the magazine as close to the period as possible, (many of which have worked on video game magazines in the past or have authored books on the era), and also those that help with the magazine’s design to ensure that it looks like something from the period rather than something using the latest desktop publishing software.

It is somewhat of a narrow tightrope to walk which can be challenging, but it is also something that has been a lot of fun to create.

The current plan is to release issues as they would have been released back in the day.  Hopefully that means we’ll be able to release magazines a little faster than once every month, but we’d rather remain accurate and have fun doing it rather than hit a possibly stressful, quick pace that makes us more prone to mistakes.

After all, this isn’t about making money.  We don’t even have ad banners on the website!

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy Die-Hard Gamer now that you’ve stumbled across this page and our poorly kept ‘secret’ is out of the bag!  We do ask that if you introduce Die-Hard Gamer to someone, don’t introduce it as a period piece.  Let them figure it out or link them to this page if they ever begin to really wonder.

Finally, if you’re interested in helping produce Die-Hard Gamer, eventually we may seek additional authors, but for now we’re actually pretty set.  Check back here again or contact us through the form we may eventually get to on this website… For now, though, we’re all gearing up for the next issue!

Thank you!