NOTE: While this issue is in color, it lacks any of the other enhancements we make.  That means colors bleed, it has raster from the printing process, the pages have yellowed, etc.  Overall this issue lacks a lot of the pop found in our remastered PDF versions, but we understand that some people are looking for simple Die-Hard Gamer issue scans and nothing more.

You can download the unenhanced PDF version at the following link (right click to save or left click to view):

Issue #1 (Unenhanced Color)

If you are reading the PDF with something like the free Adobe Reader, we suggest setting your viewing option to two-page.  You can do that by the following:

  1. At the top of Adobe Reader, click View
  2. Select Page Display
  3. Click on Two Page View
  4. Additionally, in that same window, make sure that you have the "Show Cover Page in Two Page View" option checked.  This way the title page and back cover will appear by themselves.

Thank you for reading!

Issue #1, December 1985 (Unenhanced Color) Viewer